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Paraguay is world´s biggest producer and exporter of Chía Seeds (species: Salvia Hispanica, HS code: 1207.99.90, Spanish: semillas de chía, granos de chía).

More and more consumers are aware of Chía and its benefits. Chía is one of the world's hottest superfoods: gluten-free, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibre, vitamins & minerals. There's increasing demand for nutritional ancient grains & multi-cereal-based products as functional foods. Due these this niche product is globally one of the fastest growing commodity markets and is likely to keep on witnessing tremendous growth in the near future.

Chía is mainly used in bakery products, seed mixes or packed as a single product. As final use they can be used as: an additive in food, a nutritional supplement, and/or a base for beverages.


Whole seeds from the Salvia Hispanica plant, commonly known as Chía, available as:
  • Black Chía Seeds conventional
  • Black Chía Seeds certified organic
  • White Chía Seeds conventional
  • White Chía Seeds certified organic

Quality & Product Specification

We source our Chía at medium and large-scale farmers using environmentally friendly agricultural production techniques, and which are accompanied by our agronomist throughout cultivation and harvest. We source complete lots only, to guarantee the best possible traceability and quality. Read more about cultivation
Obtained raw material is properly physically cleaned up (using multiple sieving and gravity/density air table with magnets) to a high-quality premium product in accordance with international standards. Read more about cleaning

Typical specs at loading: purity 99,9 - 99.95 - 99,98% min, oil content 30% min, FFA 2% max, brown seeds max 1%, immature seeds max 1%, moisture 8% max and insect-free.

» Product Specification Black Chía Seeds (.PDF)
» Analytical Report Black Chía Seeds (.PDF)
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* Our trading department can also provide from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, México, Nicaragua or Perú.


All year round available


  • 25kg polypropylene raffia bags or 3-ply multiwall paper Kraft bags (55.12lbs)
  • 1,000kg big bags (2,200lbs, big bags also known as FIBC -Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers-, super sacks, jumbo bags or tote bags) 
       Read more about logistics
         * New bags. Plain, branded and/or printed with personalized information -other packaging sizes upon request-.

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