Cleaning: Receiving // Drying // Storage raw material // Pre-cleaning & cleaning // Packaging // Storage finished product // Dispatch

When result of cultivation has been aprroved it get's transported to our qualified processing plant and cleaned in-house to asure high percentage of purity and quality. Raw material undergoes the following processes under strict HACCP and Food Safety conditions by a trained and motivated team, we check quality at each step before passing to next one:


At arrival get's visually inspected if the sealed Big bags are untouched and in unchanged condition, individually marked with lot number, date and weight. Lot number: to asure tracibility throughout the entire food supply chain.


In case the humidity is higher than 8%, but below 10% it should be dried as soon as possible, over 10% is an absolute reject. Natural drying: drying in the sun with ventilation is preferred, maximum temperature 43°C. 

Storage raw material

Conventional and organic chia are stored in segregated raw material areas.

Precleaning & Cleaning

Raw material is properly physically cleaned up to a high-quality premium product in accordance with international standards. Using multiple sieving (2.2/1.0/2.0/1.5/1.0mm) and gravity/density air table, with magnets to take out metal and magnetized soil. 


Product gets packed in Polypropylene raffia bags or 3-ply multiwall paper Kraft bags of 25kg (55.12lbs), Big bags of 1,000kg
* Bags plain, branded and/or printed with personalized information -other packaging sizes upon request-.

Storage finished product

Conventional and organic chia are stored in segregated finished product areas, under controlled conditions, awaiting their dispatch.


Once equipment and space is available for shipping the products gets loaded to be shipped worldwide, see transport & loading.