Logistics: Shelf life & storage // transport & loading // sampling

Shelf life & storage

Shelf life production date plus 12-24 months in unopened original packaging, under our recommended storage conditions: 

Chía Seeds do not need to be refrigerated, just store cool*, shaded from sun (UV), dry*, without stretch-film, and below common appropriate seed & grain storage conditions (e.g. good hygienic practices, free from infestation place, ventilation and periodically fumigation as necessary).

* Recommended temperature 15-25°Celsius and less than 65% humidity

Transport & loading

For transport of our Chía we use 20ST dry, 40ST dry or 40HC dry containers. At arrival of empty equipment first we check if it complies with quality standard A-grade suitable for food loading. If affirmative we start first to clean & disinfect with 70% rubbing alcohol, lining container walls & floor with single-side corrugated carton, and ceiling with a container rain absorbent blanket

Thereafter the real loading starts: the bags we place by hand and the Big bags by use of forklift and pallet truck trolley. Loading quantities:
  • Bags 20ft container with 20mt (20,000kg) floor loaded only or 40ft container with 25mt (25,000kg, floor loaded or palletized)
  • Big bags 40ft container with 20-26mt (20,000-26,000kg, floor loaded or palletized)

Once finished loading we cover goods with corrugated carton and will place sufficient humidity absorbent bags. In case of conventional Chía Seeds at closing fumigation with Aluminium Phosphide (PH3) will be applied, and in case of organic Chía Seeds an organic chemical free method like a controlled atmosphere treatment with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Ozone (O3). Thereafter container is ready to be closed definitively and shipping line seal will be affixed.


After receipt of a purchase order and confirmation of our sales contract we prepare the goods. Once ready we will request a third-party GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association) approved surveyor, these will draw uniformly a sample and seals the lot (according to GAFTA Sampling Rules No.124)

Sample quantity of bags: not less than 0,5% with a minimum of 50 of the bags, and in case of Big bags: 200gr of each Big bag. The random taken sample, in both occasions totally about 3kg, will be thoroughly mixed into a bulk sample by appropriate device in an area free from any possible contamination. 

The bulk sample will be divided in three, about 1kg each: one representative sample will be sent to client/consignee, one sample stays with surveyor for 90 days, another sample stays with us as supplier/shipper at least during product shelf life. The client once received the representative sample does the desired and required analyzes at laboratory upon its choice and account.

If the analyzes do not have a satisfactory outcome we will prepare a new lot and re-sample, in this case analysis costs are for our account. And if the analysis do have a satisfactory outcome after being informed we request surveyor for supervision at loading: surveyor checks if the seal of sampled lot is unbroken, if container fits it's cargo, assures that sampled lot gets loaded and besides checks count & weight.